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Welcome to SVI!

An ISO Certified 9001 – 2008 International B- School

Swami Vivekanand Institute SVI is an institute of excellence offering widest range of program in the field of management, engineering & computer science education. In response to the rapidly changing economic environment and the process of globalization, the Institute has made sustained efforts to bring an international perspective to all its activities. SVI have been making a significant contribution to management in a wide range of areas, which are relevant to practitioners and policy makers and are of concern for the society at large.

Today communication systems have advanced so much that it is much easier, convenient and quicker to gain expertise via distance learning. SVI offer potential students the opportunity to study through a distance learning program. This means that people who can't get traditional further education can still achieve what they want and get their qualifications through Distance Learning. That gives the opportunity for a much wider range of people to get the qualifications that they want. Today, thanks to technological advances, higher education is more readily available to those who want it. Without career disruption or income loss, or without the need to move to a new location in order to pursue an education. SVI is committed to provide high quality managements, engineering & computer science education through distance learning across the globe. The key benefit is flexibility of learning anytime anywhere. The curriculum combine latest academic knowledge with International competence.

SVI is Collaboration under the Vivekanand Ptrachar Shiksha Samiti

Vivekanand Patrachar Shiksha Samiti (VPSS) is well known & registered society of Registered Under Society registration Act 21, 1860 and registration no. is 1739. In India societies are essential partners for government, doing effort as follows-

Education to school drop-outs
Education at door step through correspondence
Reliability regarding certificates
Acceptance at global level
Scholarship for deserving candidates
Provides world class level syllabus
Courses at nominal charges
Flexibility in getting certificates
Provide international identity

Under this Society running Institutions at various places of All over the World.

Note- Swami Vivekanand Institute (SVI) is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institute in India. The Institute is neither affiliated to any University nor had sough de-jure recognition for its Academic Programs from any statutory body. Hence the institute is an academically independent and self finance autonomous body i.e. the Institute course is non AICTE/UGC approved.(example- SCDL, MIT-CDL, NIIT, APTACH) SVI has been also providing world-class Distance Education to thousands of students and working professionals across India under Vivekanand Patrachar Shiksha Samiti (VPSS). VPSS is well known & registered society of Registered (State Government) Under Society registration Act 21, 1860 and registration no. is 1739.

Swami Vivekanand Institute (SVI) is the only Educational Consultancy in India
SVI is one of the best Distance Educational & human recourse counseling provider, professionally managed by a group of experts from different Universities like KSOU, EIILM University, L N Mithla, JNU, MSU……….etc.
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