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SVI are committed to satisfy our students by providing excellent service in the field of education. We do this by carrying out research, consultancy and training to fulfill the needs and expectation of students, business and society at large. We aim to do this with a high Certification of social sensitivity through innovation and continual….

  • To provide scholarships, prizes, medals and /or other awards connected with the examinations held by the institute .
  • Upgrading of our skills and provide quick response to their queries.
  • To establish accreditation for all the education programs of new economy.
  • Nurturing of talent, building a learning environment and developing linkages with universities and institutes for maximum benefit of the student
  • Improvement of course curriculum through educational research and dialogue with business enterprises characterized by significance, relevance, excellence and vigor
  • Reviewing of institutional processes by involvement of faculties, students and staff
    using information technology’s support to reach maximum of our students and train them

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